Spiritual Gifts 101 Seminar

October 14th 8:30-10AM.

This seminar is crafted for those who maybe don’t know what their own gifts are or how they would even discover that.  The goal is to give an overview of spiritual gifts and some suggestions on how to begin the process of gift discovery and use.

The $25 charge covers your “strength finder” on line assessment (which you are encouraged to take ahead of time, but it’s not mandatory) and the book Living Your Strengths

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When paying online, please choose the “Events” giving type and enter the total amount your a registering for at $25.00 per person.

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Spiritual Gift Consultation Sessions

October 14th & 15th.

These 45 minute consultations are designed for those who have some understanding and practice of their gifts and would like input on how to further develop their gifts. You can sign up for a consultation either as:
  • An individual.
  • A ministry team to help further develop and shape your team interactions.
  • A couple.
  • A random group gift reflection/development session where the group is guided to help each other better understand and move their gifts forward.

As a limited amount of session can be scheduled, registration will be handled on a first come first served basis.

Are you a Strength Finder coach in training? If you have experience with Strength Finders and would like to learn better how to coach others, Dave invites you to sit in on some sessions to be mentored along. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity contact Bert Wright at the church office.

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What Available Spots
Saturday 10:30 AM #1: Jessica D.
Saturday 11:30 AM #1: Kate and Danny Y.
Saturday 12:30 PM #1: Michelle L.
Saturday 1:30 PM #1: Ingrid O.
Saturday 2:30 PM #1: Sami P.
Saturday 3:30PM #1: Jack H.
Saturday 4:30 PM #1: Emily G.
Sunday 1:00 PM #1: Peter K.
Sunday 2:00 PM #1: Sarah V.
Sunday 3:00 PM #1: Church Council P.

Introducing Dr. David Zovak

David has served in associate church staff roles, ministered overseas in Australia and China collectively for over a decade and currently serves as the Noel Academy for Strengths Based Leadership and Education at Azusa Pacific University in CA.  David completed his Doctrine of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary writing his thesis on Strength Finder material and the church.  Very impressive! In addition to being a leader on Spiritual gifts he was also my neighbor in seminary and great friend, so just call him Dave!

Looking forward to growing together,