Hey there Council Tree friends!

Thank you for your participating in the recent Sunday morning class at Council Tree! Kevin, Bret and I fully enjoyed the high level of participation, engagement and curiosity around how we can all carry on the conversation about how to live well in the world today. Obviously, in just 6 weeks, we were only able to skim the surface of this extremely important topic, but we hope we have at least sparked the conversation in our church and in our families.

As promised, attached is a resource sheet we put together for you. It includes suggested books, websites, videos, groups and counseling, etc. regarding this topic. We’ll also include it with the slides on the website. Feel free to forward to others you may know.

We received a lot of feedback and ideas of how to continue the conversation, and we’ll be looking through them and seeing what we can do. In the meantime, let’s all come together to realize this is not just something “they” do (whoever the proverbial they may be), but something WE all do together. Have an idea…make it happen.

Thanks! Many blessings this advent season. May the groaning and anticipation for the Savior be ever-present in your hearts.