Seeking to give Father, Son, and Spirit the honor, glory, and praise in every way possible, for we believe God is the creator and savior of this world and deserves our full attention. We believe God has designed us to be creative beings, and so we desire to use our creativity to tell the story of God and reflect back to God and to others who God is, what God has done, what God is doing, and what God is going to do. It’s remarkable how God’s story, and our responses to God, come alive when we use the arts involving sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and movement in the context of worship. As a church, we certainly have not “arrived” at using the arts to their full potential, but we are learning, growing, and desiring that the Spirit would have freedom to work as we learn how to fully respond to God as a faith community.

Philosophy of Worship

What are we doing when we gather for worship?

Oh, to enter into a worship gathering and be in the midst of a people who could care less about style, taste or tradition, but cares very much about giving themselves fully to God and to others, sacrificing selfish desires and motives. We are sure that this is the kind of worshipper the Lord seeks, and so this is the kind of worshipper we are learning to be at Council Tree. Our desire is to love God and love others in the context of worship while laying our own agendas at the feet of Christ. We certainly are not perfect in this area, often falling back to the familiar and the comfortable, but we are working together as a community to make room for ALL of God’s people and for those who are seeking to discover a new relationship with the living God.

We believe that all of life is a place to seek, listen, and respond to God. We believe that as we follow the heart and teachings of Christ, hope, courage and joy will be found. It is in Christ that we are awakened to the presence of God which in turn gives us someone very real to respond to in worship. We are in the process of moving away from simply “going through the motions” or “seeking a feeling” in worship, to participating actively in response to a “living here and now” God. We are learning that God is not a philosophy to be studied and regurgitated, but an active living supreme being that desires a relationship with us. We believe God wants to have access to our lives and be in communion with us every minute of the day. We are hoping, as we grow in our ability to hear and respond to Jesus, our worship will become prolific in power and praise through many forms of expression.

What is God leading our worshipping community to be?

Our Call to Worship at ECC
Prayer of Declaration
O God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who sent Jesus Christ to teach us and die for the forgiveness of sins, the God who raised Jesus from the dead and gave believers the Holy Spirit to communicate with each day for guidance, comfort and truth. We worship you today! We understand that worship of you means giving ourselves to you as living sacrifices. We are learning that worship is not an act of self-satisfaction and comfort, but an act of giving ourselves for you and for others. We are learning that engaging in Kingdom minded worship will be uncomfortable because you are asking us to step outside ourselves. You are calling us to follow your commands which we often like to resist. You are calling us to make room for others unlike ourselves which means we are inviting others to be themselves even though it makes us feel uneasy. Because we want to be Kingdom minded people we recognize that this is a place for the introvert and the extrovert, the reserved and the demonstrative, the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated. This is a place for those who resonate with various worship styles and traditions, big and small, loud and quiet, celebrative and contemplative. This is a place for the young, the middle aged and the old. Because we understand that within the Kingdom of God there is great diversity, we welcome all nationalities and skin colors, celebrating the richness of many cultures. Teach us to make room for others, Lord, as we strive to obey your commands in every way. You are our God and our Leader and our desire is to follow you as a people of Jesus Christ.
In the name of the Father, Son and Spirit,