Church Staff

Contact the church staff at the main number: (970) 223-6507

Bert Wright May 2014Bert Wright
Lead Pastor




Mike Nunan May 2014Mike Nunan
Youth Pastor




Diane Borden May 2014Diane Borden
Children’s Pastor




Vannae SavigVannae Savig
Connections Pastor




Erik SavigErik Savig
CSA Ministry Coordinator




Kim Southard May 2014Kim Southard
Ministry Assistant




Pam Erthal May 2014Pam Erthal




Church Council:

David Bridge, Ken Field, Theresa Fightmaster, Clayton Jenkins,  Penny Kast, Barb Knierim, Bert Wright

Council Teams:

C – for Council Members

Vision: C – Bert Wright, C – Clayton Jenkins

Shepherding: C – David Bridge, C – Theresa Fightmaster, Arlene Yusnukis

Finance: C – Penny Kast, C – Barb Knierim, Pam Erthal, George Rehm

Facility: C – Ken Field

Contact the council: or individually via mailboxes at the church office.